• Local community 
  • Caring and nurturing environment
  • Promoting independence and friendships

We see each child as an individual. Supporting them in their preschool journey is important to us. Some may confidently join in from the outset. Others may need cuddles and support to gradually build their confidence. With our key worker system each child can build a strong bond and feel secure.

A child practicing her writing with a teacher.

Many of our staff live locally and care passionately about the local community. 

Our preschoolers go on to a variety of local schools, primarily Weeke and Harestock, having built meaningful friendships through their time with us that they then carry on with them to school. 

In the year they turn 4, we work with the children to build and develop the skills teachers have shared with us that will need to be confidently independent at school. We are always happy to support and give guidance on what you can do at home too.