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Welcome to Triangle PreSchool

Welcome to Triangle PreSchool! 

We are a warm, friendly, community-based preschool in the heart of Weeke in Winchester. We have a large indoor space with clearly laid out play and creative options, as well as an outdoor area. Our staff team is caring and long-standing, meaning continuity and confidence for you and your child. 

The main hall at Triangle Pre-School with children carrying out various activities

Each day begins with play, then gathering to register and discuss the weather and calendar. We have themed craft which we encourage children to join in with if they would like to. Snack and meal times are held sat at tables together where children eat from plates and have drinks from cups, adults sitting and talking with children like a family meal time. Our afternoons are often quieter, particularly helpful for shyer children who would benefit from more individual attention. 


Our sessions are:

  • 9.00-12.00 (morning)
  • 12.00-12.30 (lunch) 
  • 12.30-3.30 (afternoon) 

The foyer is open from 8.50 with a selection of books and book bags (themed by book or life experience) to borrow. This is also an opportunity to build community as parents can meet. Children can develop independence putting their lunch box on the trolley, then finding their own name to hang up their coat and put their belongings in a tray with support from parents and preschool staff.

Supporting your child

Within our team we have a dedicated SENCO (Sarah Collins) who would be happy to talk with you about your child’s particular needs.


Fees information is available here. We accept government funding.