Maintaining our Good Rating in Ofsted Inspection

At Triangle Pre-School in Weeke, Winchester, we pride ourselves on creating a nurturing and educational environment where our preschool children can thrive. We are delighted to share the results of our latest Ofsted inspection, conducted on January 26, 2024, which reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality early years education. Having retained our ‘Good’ rating across all areas, we are excited to share what Ofsted recognised as the qualities that make Triangle Pre-School a special place for our children and their families

A Home of Learning and Growth

Our recent Ofsted report paints a picture of the engaging setting that is Triangle Pre-School. Our dedicated staff create a warm, inclusive environment where every child feels safe, valued, and connected. This sense of belonging is crucial in these formative years and lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.

A Curriculum tailored to every child

At the heart of our success is a curriculum, designed to meet the unique needs of each child. Our approach is not just about meeting benchmarks but about igniting curiosity, fostering creativity, and encouraging critical thinking. While the report highlights areas for further enhancement, such as maximising learning opportunities during play, it also commends our staff’s commitment to supporting every child’s learning journey. This feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine our practices and ensure that every child can reach their full potential.

Beyond the classroom

Ofsted recognise our commitment to learning, where our children explore new concepts, like mathematics and science, through hands-on activities that make learning tangible and fun. From building towering structures in the garden to engaging in imaginative play with a tea set, our curriculum is designed to prepare children for the next stages of their educational journey while fostering a sense of wonder about the world around them.

A focus on well-being and independence

Understanding the importance of physical and emotional well-being, we incorporate activities that promote healthy habits and self-care skills. Our children learn about oral health, nutrition, and the importance of physical activity in a way that’s engaging and accessible. Equally, we prioritise the development of independence, preparing our children not just for school but for life. Through practical life skills sessions, children gain confidence in their abilities to do things for themselves, from putting on shoes and coats to managing personal hygiene.

Community and communication

A cornerstone of our ethos is the strong partnership we foster with parents and the wider Winchester community. Regular updates, newsletters, and face-to-face meetings ensure that families are informed and involved in their children’s learning journey. This collaborative approach extends to working with external professionals to support children with additional needs, ensuring that every child receives the tailored support they require.

Looking forward

As we celebrate the achievements highlighted in our Ofsted report, we also embrace the opportunity to grow and improve. The feedback provided is a valuable tool in our ongoing quest for excellence, driving us to enhance our educational offer and ensure that Triangle Pre-School remains a place where children love to learn, and learning is loved.

We extend our thanks to our incredible team, our wonderful families, and, most importantly, our preschoolers, for making Triangle Pre-School the vibrant, thriving community it is today.

To read the full Ofsted report, please click this link: Triangle Pre-School’s Ofsted Report.