The manager and committee members are very ambitious for the children. The preschool has a very good range of resources that engages the children in their play as soon as they arrive.–OFSTED Inspection Report, May 2018.

Our most recent OFSTED visit was in May 2018 and we were again rated Good. The report is available on the Triangle Pre-school page of the OFSTED website or you can read it below.

May 2018 Triangle Preschool OFSTED Inspection Report


“An exceptionally strong partnership with parents contributes to the staff team’s success in meeting all children’s needs because it helps staff get to know children well. It underpins very positive relationships across the pre-school.”–OFSTED Inspection Report, June 2014.

Triangle Pre-School was visited by OFSTED inspectors in June 2014 and was rated Good. You can download the full report from the OFSTED website or read it below:

June 2014 Triangle Pre-School OFSTED Inspection Report